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Anyone who is living in America and seeking a New York Psychic will probably tell you that their main concern is ending up being conned, there are a lot of con artists everywhere but especially here. They want to be sure that they can trust the person they are consulting before they part with their hard earned money. But what a lot of people do not realise and which is very important is that even if someone offers to do you a reading totally free of charge they could still be frauds. Doing it free or doing it cheap does not prove that the person is genuine or good at what they claim to be able to do. I recently went into a chat room out of curiosity to see how it works and who was there and someone came into the room calling themselves "tarot card reader" and offering everyone in the room a free reading. People said oh goody and went for it. But if this person had actually been good at what they were offering they would have been too busy with people who appreciated them and paid to have to go into a room full of strangers offering it and literally begging these people to say yes!

If a private therapist, doctor, hairdresser, lawyer etc were good and were offering it for free do you think they would be sitting there twiddling their thumbs going into chat rooms begging people to use their services for free? No. They would have their door bell ringing every few seconds and their phone ringing off the hook with people who were mean and selfish and longing for a freebie. There would be no need to look for more people. They would not be able to fit them in.

Sometimes someone will offer you a freebie or something very cheap for ulterior motives. It does not have to be because they are generous. It may be just because they are lonely and bored, it may be because they feel important when you are listening to them, but these are ulterior motives. The thing you have to remember is that if they were actually worth listening to they would be too busy with paying clients to be bothering! After all, if they have developed their skills and arts properly they will have spent years on learning and conquering how to do it well, they would not do this just so that they can be unemployed and working for free all day. How would they pay their bills? If they say they are doing a full time job and doing that as a hobby then you should ask yourself how come they spent years learning and studying the psychic arts and then do not bother to do it full time? The answer to this is always that they did not bother to spend years getting it right in the first place.  And if they do not think it is important enough to study properly and do full time you should not trust what they say. All our experts have spent years developing and studying their clairvoyance, many of them have learnt other methods too. They are all well qualified, very experienced, very caring.

A great example of a typical session with a client is where the woman wants to know if she will soon meet a new man and be able to include him in her life as a husband, live in lover or permanent full time partner. Very often these women have never ever been single or have not been able to cope with trying to be single. They either hate to be alone or they want someone to lean on and make their decisions for them - things like phoning a plumber to mend a leak - sorting out paying the bills. Yet some of these women are very attractive, young, nice personality and very personable. They themselves have decided that they cannot cope alone but they are wrong. They either lack the confidence or they are too lazy to try.One such lady consulted us this week and she was very miserable living alone. Yet she was so desperate to end this loneliness that she was throwing herself at unemployed, lazy, selfish, mean, boring, greedy men. Then she would get used and have her heart broken and then she would run to us. We tried to get her to see that she would forever be hurt if she goes with such men and these men are not good enough for her. Some of them only wanted her for sex others only wanted her because she had a lovely house and they wanted an easy life. The tarot cards were very specific and showed her to end the latest mistake. The tarot cards are never wrong. The tarot cards warned her she would meet another freeloader in a month. Hopefully she will listen to the tarot cards!

New York Psychic.

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