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tarotWe all like the idea of having something for nothing, what could be better

than a free psychic reading online? BUT a reading that is not helpful or
accurate is not worth having - even if you are not charged, as it misleads
you and gives you false hope or pushes you to make the wrong decisions.
So how do we know which are worth having?

First look at WHY they are so generous. Put yourself in the position of the
person offering it. If the are falling over themselves to let you phone them
or email them without charge the chances are that they are useless, for if
they were any good they would be too busy with paying clients and not
need to chase after you or put themselves out like that. A popular GOOD
psychic would be too busy to chase after people if they were charging!
This site offers you no cost help  so that you can get a flavour of the site
and see that it is genuine and then move on to having an actual reading
with one of our expert psychics but because we are very popular and busy
there is no way that we are going to allow you to email us or phone us for free.

Because we are qualified with a lot of experience we do not need to work for free on the phone or by email offering samples of forrtune telling, crystal, I ching, rune stones, tarot to prove ourselves and we are too busy - with actual clients who do not disrespect us by asking us to work for free. We do not need to perform for free in the hope that the person will then come back one day and actually pay us or send out a whole host of emails to someone telling them that we are offering the crystal ball or tarot session as a a half price bargain or have something "important" to tell them if they hurry and come to us, the way so many of the very commercialised and not very genuine services do! Genuine readers do not have to try that hard, their reputation and how good they are should be enough without offering ridiculous bargains too. But we do offer a very competitively priced service which is possible because we do not waste time on sending out spam emails or paying expensive IT consultations an arm and a leg to do a very colourful and expensive website for us. We are sure that you need to know the facts about us but would prefer to pay less rather than pay more to cover the cost of a very glitzy and dazzling site. By having an ordinary site rather than a dazzling one we can then charge you less for your tarot and crystal ball sessions. But if we are wrong do please let us know straight away. Likewise, we do not spend hours and hours on sorting out cheap unqualified crystal ball, I ching, rune stone, tarot and fortune telling readers to sit by their phones hoping you ring, we prefer to only deal with the properly qualified ones who work by appointment and by email.

The fortune telling sites that do make sure that the first bit is geared to getting you hooked so that when your time runs out you cannot help yourself but to stay on the phone and pay for more time to find out what it was all about! Again, if they were popular and busy with paying clients wanting fortune telling they would not bother or need to, nor would they have the time! Would you offer potential bosses a lot of your work on a try it and see basis? No. The sites that do are always very generalised and computer generated so more for amusement and you would be silly to take them seriously. Also they are always offered by people with little or no experience and no qualifications whatesoever. When the likes of them come to us asking for a tarot or clairvoyant job with us they get annoyed when we say we must test them to make sure they are good enough to help you!. We are very well qualified and very experienced.   If you are in the UK France, Belgium, Isle of Wight you can easily come to see us but 99% of our fortune telling clients consult us through their computer.

To see my testimonials go to bar along top of page, on the left where it says testimonials.

Free psychic reading online.

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