Get a live accurate email or phone tarot card reading online or in the uk. My name is Rosemary Price and I offer the best  cheap web clairvoyant and psychic medium cards consultations by email, face to face or phone.  Let me enlighten you and solve your problems or heartaches with the wonderful knowledge you need to hear about your new, interesting and more exciting tomorrow. Whether you need predictions, answers, solutions or guidance through a serious reading online let me give those to you.






I am an accurate fourth generation gifted and developed spiritualist, clairvoyant, and psychic offering forty years of experience. You can have cheap live face or email readings by me on the web or face to face with me in the uk on it's own or face to face or substitute it with a combination of many other types of medium and psychic skills I offer. As I have been tested by the Press, acknowledged experts in the field and a leading spiritual society you can be sure I am accurate. I offer am accurate private, confidential and personal live email reading and providing cards readings by phone just for you and those you love and care for.


I receive a lot of positive feedback from my many regular clients from all over the world to tell me how much better they are feeling very soon after a reading with me. Clients travel to me from hundreds of miles away and phone and email me from the four corners of the World for their psychic reading.. Many say I am the best in Essex if not in the UK.






I am NOT linked to any Company, Agency or Premium Rate phone line where the phone readers are unknown,  unqualified and untested! I work alone because I need to be sure you hear the truth. Get a very personal and caring online service that you could never obtain from an agency or premium rate line.   As I am a web clairvoyant and offer the best accurate cheap online tarot card readings in the uk you can have your very own professional, first class, private psychic or accurate consultations from wherever you may be.  I am as close to you as your phone or mobile device and because I work alone and am not part of an agency you can be sure that when you  contact me you will speak to me live.  


I am in the UK but am also an International seer providing private spiritual and cards readings in Essex and the UK. Benefit from email and phone readings which are affordable and cheap throughout the world. I would not have lasted for more than 40 years unless I was genuinely an accurate email psychic online.







I specialise in Love and Relationship needs and questions, helping people make decisions, sorting out problems and answering questions..Does he love me? Will he return? Should I marry him are just three examples of questions I get asked often!  However, I can also help and advise you on anything else that is worrying you about your past, present or future. Using  accurate tarot cards, acrophonology and numerology readings and/or a selection of other methods I can study a relationship, a study a person or people. My aim is to help you to avoid any and all negativity and this includes negative people.  Find out who you can trust and rely on to enrich your life. Only the best, and the most accurate can tell you. Yet my accurate email and phone online consultation whether on the web or in the UK is cheap.





At a young age it worried me that so many readers were setting up shop without any sort of validation or proof that they were genuine, after all they are asking you to trust them and listen to them and pay them money, it  also concerned me that I was able to do consultations well, so I asked the British Astrological and Psychic Society in the UK to test me. They sent several of their fussy experts over to see me to do just that - at the end of the long and intense test session where I did a tarot card session, crystal ball, palmistry, numerology and many other methods they all decided I was genuine.  But to ensure I was genuine I asked journalists, newspapers and magazines to test me and passed their tests. Add forty years of experience and affordable cheap fees onto that and you have the complete package!  You know I am affordable AND the best.


I have done accurate email tarot card phone readings for a lot of celebrity and famous clients, some of them were happy to allow me to list some details on my testimonial page.  But you do not need to be famous or rich to consult me. Each and every person who chooses to phone or email for psychic tarot card readings is special, famous or not - and will receive a very personal and confidential live email or phone reading online or off line in the UK.


Life, at times can be very very tricky and finding your way back onto the best path can take some exploring. A mystic of quality can show you the right direction and help you to avoid negativity and so guide you towards positivity and happiness,  but only if they offer you the best,  an affordable session by a qualified experienced online expert. An email or phone consultation can also help you realise any opportunities you may be overlooking or just not seeing clearly, or even provide you with important accurate information that can put you on a better footing in a relationship or partnership, be that business or romantic.  In that time through my spiritualism and mediumship using helpful methods such as the crystal ball, psychic and cards I will give you the benefit of my many many years  of online and off line experience and clairvoyant ability through an email and phone readings.











Best live cheap accurate email and phone psychic medium cards readings on the web

and in the UK


Come to see me live in Essex UK or have a phone or email consultation

using Thoth, Morgan Greer, Grand Etteilla, Rider-Waite,  The original Lenormand, A'Ha Oracle, Affirmations for Women, Ancient Inspiration Oracle, Lotus, Celtic, AngeLynx Divination Deck, Tarocchi Celtici and many more.....






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